Kingdom of Morocco

Morocco is located in the extreme northwest of the African continent and only separated from Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar. The kingdom offers everything to amaze travellers in search of extraordinary and exciting holidays: endless fine sandy beaches on the Mediterranean and Atlantic Coast, the historic imperial cities, masterpieces of Islamic architecture, culinary delights and spectacular sceneries.

Behind the imposing ramparts of the Medinas one can immerse into the world of the Orient with all its colours, scents and sounds. In some rural areas it seems as if the way of life hasn’t changed for ages. There are still nomads with their dromedaries and flocks on the move while in the metropolis Casablanca high-rise and ultra-modern buildings are part of the city skyline.

The mix of tradition and modernity keeps every traveller spellbound.

The thousand facets of the country include impressing cultural treasures, the vastness of the Sahara, the diversity of authentic local handicraft and above all the pristine nature.

Morocco is a country of astonishing contrasts which surprise the traveller again and again.

And last but not least, the hospitality of the Moroccan people will contribute to make a stay in Morocco an unforgettable travel experience.

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